October 8, 2014

Caricature posting catchup pt. 1

I'm pretty sure I'm a month overdue in scanning and posting people.

Here's some of the most recent ones continuing the struggles of likeness, style, approach, and fun...yes, despite those struggles it is still one of my favorite things.

September 15, 2014

Ink Sketches!

More sketches done from life with a S size Faber-Castell and some col-erase for value separation.

Some of these were from the local Biodiversity Museum.

September 9, 2014

Dr. Friction - Character Model

Here's a character model sheet I made for CGSpectrum - he's going to be used in the modeling course.  Here's hoping he's fun to build, and I also have a small hope he could get rigged some day so I can find out how someone would interpret his personality.

August 28, 2014

Travel Sketches - Montreal

I didn't end up having tons of sketch time due to wanting to see everything on a recent trip to Quebec...but here are a few themed pages I picked at during the trip.

The first spread was objects around the suite we rented, the second...foods!  A mix of mostly groceries and a few meals out.

The only people sketch session from a cafe/bar that also had a pool room in the back.  The second spread is a spectrum of drinks, plus cookie jar

Our suite's owner had a lot of rudimentary hand crafted tools around the place - I think this is a little weeding or harvesting sickle.  The last page is sweet bugs from an exceptional museum called the 'Insectarium'.  So many photos taken...

August 11, 2014

Monsters in Costume

I've been using a great costume book to spice up some monster designs I had - it's been a lot of fun adding a new dimension to the usual serious or semi-intelligent creates that I draw.

These are going to get worked over on a second pass where I'll produce a few finals of my favorites

July 28, 2014

People sketchesss

Here's a few new ones - all observational, with a few focusing on line economy.  I also drew a couple whom I believe to have been on a first/second date...that felt kind of creepy.

These digital sketches were done in PS - about 40 minutes total trying to stay really loose and play with the style and expression based on several images.  Thanks for looking!

Here are a couple older ones that slipped from posting - some seem to have had more time spent on construction, but a few are pushed far at the same time