July 28, 2014

People sketchesss

Here's a few new ones - all observational, with a few focusing on line economy.  I also drew a couple whom I believe to have been on a first/second date...that felt kind of creepy.

These digital sketches were done in PS - about 40 minutes total trying to stay really loose and play with the style and expression based on several images.  Thanks for looking!

Here are a couple older ones that slipped from posting - some seem to have had more time spent on construction, but a few are pushed far at the same time

July 21, 2014

World Cup Final Onlookers

Instead of watching the final game I found myself across the room from a crowd huddled around the coffee shop TV - prime suspects!

July 11, 2014

New Ink Sketches

Same ol' deal on the small sketchbook with an ink pen and col erase for shading

July 3, 2014

Illustration Update

Dropping off a few various illustrations that I've been working on.  A few wip, some inks etc.

w.i.p. image - composition is receiving tweaks before any final rendering goes down - little cliche but lots to learn from it.  

I revamped one of my portfolio paintings.  


The goal here was to clarify the focus of the image, up the drama, contrast and detail...I think it's a bit more interesting and tense now as the old composition was quite awkward.

w.i.p. image - I like the colors and themes that are going on, but I'm going to eventually take another stab at the composition/storytelling aspects.

Location sketching from different Vancouver areas

June 2, 2014

People (big surprise!) from May

There are also a few tables in there...cause perspective is important, right!?  (no really, just something I need to practice now and then...draw-through, mirroring etc. from reference)

April 28, 2014

Casual Ink Sketches

I'm continuing with these simple observational sketches.  The only main design decisions here are composition based; what to include/exclude and where to place them, which makes for a very relaxing but informative study.  While the content is 'dull' the balancing of the composition and freedom of representation keeps it rather enjoyable.