Ratchet & Clank - Development Artwork part 1

Well, Ratchet & Clank is finally out in the theaters and pairs up with a new installment of the game!

I'm going to share what some of the development artwork looks like from this project where I primarily worked as a set designer (namely of the evil archetypes) with secondary roles in spaceship and prop design.

First detailed drawing of a potential Ratchets Bedroom, hanging in the rafters. 

I worked on a handful of ships throughout the production, this one being an update to the classic Lombax design.  Interior details below.

Lighting and mood exploration for the Robot Factory

Big Structure Breakdown 

I used 3D to block out a majority of the large sets (see green image)

Designs of repeating set elements used around the factory such as lamps and barriers

A monster of a garbage chute and some control panel work for the launch bays.

More to come.