Cute Whale Slug thing step one

Hello! Here's a piece of art I made today after some previous design sketches.  I'm posting this step to hopefully encourage myself to actually finish it with some colors and tones, and better linework if necessary.  Any feedback would be great, and I'm posting up the description below for my design choices.

This gigantic alien beast operates much like a blue whale, however with more speed and flexibility.  Being at the top of the oceanic food chain it has very few natural predators.  The second inner mouth has sensitive tissue as well as the creatures only true peripheral eyes;  while the main slug-like stalks on the outside offer minor light and vibration detection, the expanded mouth reveals a more true eyesight.  This allows the creature to seal off  its most vital organs should anything try to wander into its mouth.  After siphoning through its meal of plankton or small fish (the inner mouth has several filtering chambers), the excess water is discharged through its pair of blow holes.

I also did another Star Wars study, this time the Camel like 'Eopies'...they've sure got a lot of character.  Thanks for looking and I'd appreciate any advice you've got :)