Now with Ronto!

A lot has been going on in my brain lately trying to better myself as far as design goes.  Most notably I've been doing more brainstorming with a focus on writing words and tiny phrases to help get my thoughts out quickly; essentially, it makes me think about why or what I'm trying to create to make something with more purpose, as so far my brain just wants to make it 'look' nice.  Its a very simple and quite an obvious way to generate ideas, however it makes me think in a different gear and that is what matters.

From 'The Wildlife of Star Wars' I've been doing some studies, trying to push my skills to the next level - and in many ways, this has to do with thinking of the world the creature belongs to and pushing a story within each drawing.  There is so much more life to easily communicate within your designs by simply injecting some interaction or story, or suggest other elements of your designs habitat.  With any luck this will give me a creative boost, more fleshed out designs, and the desire to dig even deeper into anatomy so they stay believable.

Oh, and you don't have to read all that ;)

Heres a deer-like owl faced creature, an aquatic lizard with immense vibration sensing capabilities to 'see' in murky water, and a Ronto in Marker.