Whale Slug pt. 2 and Markers

Well, with the lack of anything finished I thought I'd simply share what I've been playing with the last few days.

For the massive whale eel thing here (for lack of wanting to make up a species name?) I've dropped in a few color washes and lighting angles - with some late day sunlight and spots of cloud cover, namely.  From here I'll try to figure out how to preserve the linework and up the detail level in the shading.

I gave myself the task of creating towers with spouting waterfalls and broad sealife or shell shapes from imagination.  Any in particular stick as interesting?

I hit up a coffee shop on the way home and made a pretty sloppy but fun experimentation with several tools I never play with (brush pens, faber castell pens).  While some of the construction and design is pretty sloppy, it was great to try something from a newer angle.

Thanks for looking and drop some feedback as usual :)


  1. hey man i like those bug drawings...they seem to have a lot more structure in them i think since you planted them on an axis. i can see the animal and insect studies paying off

  2. The whale slug is bloody great.


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