Minion March Updates!

Kickstarter is going well as we enter the final 12 days!

Here's a preview of some exciting new Minion March content - this and more will be featured in a new gameplay trailer coming soon, with preliminary music and sounds as well!

New Levels are in the works!  Deadwood, featured here, is a twisted and frightful place where something is stirring in that old colossal tree...

All Keepers now feature a leveling system!  During a shift, they will earn experience and equip more advanced attacks!  Mech is loaded with Sprockets, a Homing Rocket barrage, and a Vaporizing Lazer!

Here is our Boardroom, where you select your work force, spend your precious souls on new abilities, and try to make your Boss happy.  But he is not.  Ever.

Thanks for all the support, were in the home stretch!